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With the onset of winter it’s always time for new shoes!

My favourites are Trippen at the moment and I have been spending hours and hours each week on the bus scanning all the different sections of their site trying to decide which pair I want to buy. With about eighteen hours research under my belt I have finally narrowed it down to two pairs of boots; River and Temple, and one pair of shoes; Core.

All beautifully sculpted, beautiful lines and beautiful shapes. I’ve always loved shoes and have always wanted to visit The Bata Shoe museum in Toronto as well as The International Shoe Museum in Romans, France.

But, yes, as I can only fit one pair of Trippens in my budget per season and if I did want to go travelling to shoe museums I might see if I can’t just find some decent shoes via a spot of bargain hunting online.

And if online shopping doesn’t yield any results we might just head on down the high street especially now they are all gearing up for Christmas and the lights will be on soon. Off to the Christmas markets, off in our lovely snug new boots. Can’t wait.


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  1. April 30, 2011

    why didn’t we talk about trippen?

    my absolute favourite ever..bought a pair of trippen warriors several years ago on a visit to florence…have been wearing them ever since…they are the only boot for me ever after…X

    ashlyn x

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