Interesting shops from around the world

From left to right – Top: Fleur de lis Linen from Borderline Fabrics; egg craft from Anthropologie; Blue Spot vinyl tiles from Cath Kidston. Bottom: Edith the cat money box from Liberty; Cowboy teepee from Cath Kidston; Cornishware Pudding basin from TT Green; Felicity Etruscan jug by Burleigh from Liberty.

Our beautiful rustic house really is in need of a few odd jobs being done. I can think of nothing more fun than buying paint, wallpaper and some beautiful objects to adorn the house – and while Kevin is great around the house for things like blocked showers, putting things on walls, fixing broken taps – I’m not so sure about architeching anything involving any serious construction – or even wallpaper paste. And I do so love wallpaper.

Perhaps I need to take some lessons. I’ve always secretly wanted to be able to make my own furniture. Because for that kind of thing I’ve absolutely no idea where to start. It always seems like such a huge barrier between me buying a shelf with a wall bracket and it actually ever materialising on a wall near me.

There’s a good resource where you can get tips on choosing a MyHammer handyman.

With that taken care of I can focus on the decorative aspects of the house and spend hours online shopping at my favourite interiors shops – Liberty, Cath Kidston, Anthropologie and Toast.


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