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Most Saturdays we head to Primrose Hill for cupcakes and coffee. We get our cupcakes from Primrose Bakery, and coffee from Melrose & Morgan.

This week we’ve seen London wrap itself up all warm. The clouds have gone puffy and grey. The sky that colour that says it will snow soon. The wind that says put your coats and jackets on and do them up tight. And time for a good brisk walk for coffee and cake. Damned if we let the weather get in our way here!

So and it’s time for me to be looking in the ladies coats departments after I left mine behind at yoga class never to be seen again.

I thought I’d got away with it – we all did, but winter is most definitely upon us. And I can’t wait for next Saturday when we’ll head down to Primrose Hill. And with any luck it will be snowing and we can take the girls in their sleds!! Time to look forward to steaming hot coffee, little paper cups of hot chocolate and lovely snug coats with which to wrap ourselves warm.


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