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Ah – did anybody see the amazing Farrow & Ball best front door competition? Our front door is a lovely sage colour – I’m not sure whether it’s Farrow and Ball, but I must say with all the recent house renovations in our street there are some fantastic front door colours springing up.

According to a study of 2,000 people, those with red front doors were happiest. Apparently they are the biggest extroverts and are move relaxed in their approach to life.

After red, people with white, green or brown front doors were also pretty happy. Ok – that makes me glad we’ve got green then. In fact – we’ve always had green front doors. Mt Albert was green. Roderick Road was green. Estelle Road we had a green back door as we came in through a separate entrance – and of course our wonderful current house has a sage green front door.

Living in Hampstead does make for some great external door spotting, with front doors, shed doors, garages and side doors in all manner of fabulous, considered, expensive design choices.

A lot of houses in the area have the most beautiful rambling roses climbing up the fronts of their houses – something, again, I am keen to do at ours. I think that’s going to entail a lot of fun research in my David Austin roses catalogue. Clematis is also quite a goodie – I think it’s going to come down to which of the two will over-winter best.

For now though, we’ve got a lovely front door, lovely window boxes full of herbs, a landscaped the garden with succulents, cordylines and sweet peas – all done very nicely on a tight budget from the local garden centre and good old Columbia Road market.


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