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An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton really is an awesome book. An illustrated poem book about dreaming wonderful big magical beautiful dreams.

Yay. What an awesome book.


You can have a look through it here – and buy it here.
And you can read and see more of Dallas’ work here.

Shinzi Katoh stationery and Je de Paume books

Yvonne has such great taste in stuff, especially lovely things from Japan. So much so that she’s very kindly stocking some of her favourite Japanese books and stationery in Europe for us, and even selling in pounds. So we can avoid all kind of nasty inbound postal taxes by buying direct from her. Yay!


Also excellent for everyone everywhere, because you don’t have to buy six books at a time to make the postage worth it, and you can order easily, in English. Yay again! I love the memo pads and the 2009 calendars, as well as the new London Gardens book which I am going to have to buy myself for Christmas.